Friday, December 31, 2010 Resolutions?? Happy New Year, Bringing in 2011

Watching all the news this morning has made me think?? About Resolutions, I have never been a big "make your resolutions for New Years" kind of person. Why, well I think we should have goals all year long, and it just doesn't appeal to me I guess.  But I do love New Years Eve, it makes me think back on this year and all the good things have happened. I makes me think of how I have grown as a person and how I hope to grow as a mother, and a wife in the new year. I am excited to bring in this new year, I have two children and they are getting older and more independent. I am excited to see how they grow as little people this year! I love my hubby and love ringing in the new year just us. 

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Wonderful Wonderland of Christmas

Merry Christmas!
This year was amazing! Both my children are old enough to get what's going on, which makes it so much fun! Hayd was here for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day this year. 
We are blessed to have tons of family here. My mom flew in Wednesday, Johnny's Aunt Shan came in (who I have never met!) and all my in-laws!

The kids or kid....Hayd is really the only one who gets the "asking Santa" part of Christmas got all that he wanted and more.

He is growing so fast!

Booges got a Playhouse and Kitchen (thanks to Grandma Gigi). She hasn't come out much since this morning!!

 Neither has Hayd...He loves it just as much!

Talking to Great-Grandma!! ♥

This took my breath away!! My AMAZING hubby got me what I have been dreaming about all year long PLUS some!!!! ♥ ya babe!!!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Different is good

Today was Hayd's Class Christmas party. 
Its crazy to see how different he is in comparison to me when I was his age!
I was so shy I never talked. 
He never stops talking.
Because I was so shy I did not have many friends.
He has so many friends that when he is doing something else everyone wants his attention so bad they chant his name in class!!! 
We have had many discussions about how friends are good but its more important during school to concentrate on work and the teacher. 
Being in his class today I saw he has listened during those discussions .
Different is GOOD!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Successful Thanksgiving at our home...Year 2! 

I am so thankful the weather cooperated the day before Thanksgiving since it was supposed to be the "storm of the century"!! It ended up dumping a ton of snow north of  Pleasant Grove where my mom lives. She was able to be here and we did our usual cooking!! It's one of the things I look forward to all year and it's one on one time with my mom! Which is few and far between. 

Beginning of the day, start the cooking!!

We got the three generations in before booges runs a muck and becomes a mess!!

The in-laws arrive and feast on plenty of snacks and hang out watching good ol' football!! 

 Here is where we eat, its perfect for everyone to sit and still be comfy and not elbow your neighbor, haha!
And then the after shots, where I don't remember my name, where I am, ect!! I joke, but I was very exhausted. 
3 Generations, post dinner!! I think someone fed my child some serious sugar!! Yes she is on her tippy toes!! I am seriously considering ballet class!

 My two beautiful Children!! Their also playing nice, meaning...booges is not tormenting her big bro!! 
(she is a lot like her mother, loves to torment her bro, and he lets her get away with anything)

Thanks to everyone who came!! It was another amazing family filled holiday!! <3

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Final Gratitude.....

Wow, I honestly can not believe how fast November flew by. I guess I should close out my month of gratitude. I am a day late, but well that's just how I work these days. 

I am grateful that I found a lot of gratitude in my life. I have a new look at what I have right in front of me, and the blessing I have been given. Both in lessons learned through my life and the people that I have the privilege of calling family.