Monday, August 25, 2008

Up to date!

So here is the low-down of everything that has been going on with us and new things that have happened! Johnny received the 'ok that the bank has approved the closing of the house, so it should close this week! Which is a huge relief for both of us, mostly the stress on him, paying a huge amount for the previous house payment that the previous owner was paying so the house wouldnt go into fore-closure! We are both thankfull that we were able to get it both for a HUGE inconvience and it is the house we really both want to live in for a very very long time. Hayden is 3 1/2, and very active. He loves to talk and play "spider-man"! He loves quads and motorcycles. He loves riding his quad, but unfortunatly it is very hot in Vegas, so he has to wait another month or two to ride in the desert. He loves to play hide and seek, he also loves to tell you he is hiding, which in turn lets you know where he is! Hayden also was able to get a dog earlier this year, and I told him to name her what he wanted. I did not think that eating at the time would be a mistake. Her name is "Poptart". She is a very passive dog, as he loves to carry her everywhere. We took a vacation to Huntington Beach earlier this year, which is Hayden's favorite place! He loved to play on the ocean, and we were very fortunate to get a good price on a hotel on the beach, so he was able to play all day at the ocean. I work for a development company called Executve Home Commercial. I am part of leasing a High end retail (Rodeo Drive for Las Vegas). Johnny works for Rebel Oil in Las Vegas, and is over the Maintance department for all the stores and has worked there for 10 years now (it is where I used to work, that is how we met 8 years ago).

The Start

Hey Everyone,
I have started this, since Ruth and Grant and My Momma have decided to blogg due to being sooo far away from each other.