Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday Look Back!

I have seen so many of my Blogging peers do a "Friday Flashback" and I really love seeing every ones look back on life 5 years and back. So.. I have decided to join. My Fridays are way too crazy to attempt to regularly post on that day so I have choosen Sunday!

This was taken during the week I first held my son. I wish it was the first time I held him, but I will always settle for this picture because of the look I was receiving from my little fighter! As many know, my son spent the first six weeks of his life in NICU.
Due to his surgeries I did not get too hold him until he was over 2 weeks old. That week I felt more peace than I had in a long time. When my baby girl was born, I never took for granted holding her every moment and from the moment she was put in my arms I was probably more thankful than most.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Spring Baseball has come and gone...then comes Fall!

Baseball for us in Las Vegas has come in gone for the Spring Season. Hayden had a ton of fun this season and really progressed in his 3rd year of baseball. This year he was in the Rookies (coach pitch). His batting has improved 
You need to get your attitude right and your stance ready.. 

Get your elbows right...
And the end result is.........

Hitting the ball!!! Go Bud!!

 He saw me  up at the fence and was photo ready!

Finally this year he got to play his favorite position = CATCHER!! 

He really got down the get up and move quick "Most" of the time!

After his last game, the kids got their trophy's, and cupcakes, 

 and other gifts from the coach and his wife!!
We have been lucky with the coach we have had for the past 2 years!! He is in high demand and has drafted Hayd both years!! Here is to hoping for more!!