Monday, January 11, 2010

Hayd's first ride of 2010!!

We all went out this past weekend to the dry lake bed, since it was a beautiful 65 degrees in Las Vegas. Hay wanted to bring his quad and motorcycle and of course his bike. Here is some pics of the excursion and of course Hayd tries to do tricks already. Thank goodness he missed the car, we have already had a crash into Johnny truck!! Poor Ray slept the first half then hung out in her stroller.....

"Sweet Bad- Dogs"

What is refered in our house as the "Sweet Bad- Dogs"!!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas!! a little late to post, but here it is!!

We celebrated Christmas this year in our home. We didn't start the unwrapping until noon, since that was the schedule we had Hayd this year, and Raygen is only 5 months so it didn't matter. We had all my in-laws; Johnny's Grandparents, Mom, and brother. It was a GREAT Christmas. Hayden LOVED everything he got, and was amazing Santa knew what he wanted! As you can see he is eyeing what he wants first:
Raygen was more excited about boxes as a 5 month old would be. One of Hayd's gifts was a big Star Wars tent for his room, and he insisted that's where he would be sleeping that night, of course he pooped out in his bed long before bedtime! Johnny got new Vans for Christmas, that's all he wanted. I should get a picture to post, since its just to cute, of Johnny and Hayd and their matching shoes. I bought Hayd some new high top black/white checkered Vans last month, and Johnny said he wanted some for Christmas. So I found him some of the exact shoe, thank goodness. Johnny referred to them as his " Sweet bad-dogs", so of course Hayden always says now " mom can you help me put on my sweet bad dogs". lol. I had an amazing Christmas!!! One of my favorite gifts was from Johnny's grandparents, a very nice step-stool for my kitchen, since my cupboards top shelf is very high!!!!

It was wrapped in newspaper and duct tape since it was such an odd shape! = ). Which brought back memories of my brother always giving me gifts wrapped in tinfoil!! lol We finally got a picture of Raygen smiling in her high chair (I posted earlier that is is a heirloom from his grandparents that was used by both boys and their mother). Hope everyone had a great holiday!!!