Thursday, July 5, 2012


The Fourth of July started out with a gloomy overcast day. Then the rain came. Relaxed on our comfy sofa. By mid afternoon the clouds were gone, rain dry, and the sun was in full swing. We decided before dinner to bring out the fire works...someone did not like them at all at first!! 
 Sitting by GiGi made everything better...
 Hayden of course wanted to light his own fireworks this year..
 He is the big 7 after all. 
 GiGi is taking pictures so must Raygen, Grandma is so nice to let her. 
 Then off to watch the Casino's light off their fireworks. We decided to go to Aliante Station with a beautiful waterfall, and ducks and swans in the "lake". Hayden of course needs to take pictures of his own on his phone. 

 All the bunch, minus the photographer (myself)
 Fishing with a stick. 
 Took some serious persuasion, but she loves sparklers now!!
 Got to dance with your sparklers!!
 Such a beautiful end to an amazing day with Family and celebrating our Country's Freedom!!