Saturday, April 25, 2009

Raygen Bella!!!!!

I had heard from two of my girlfriends (who are currently pregnant also), that the 4D Ultrasound is amazing. I showed Johnny, and right away we decided we wanted to do it. I made the apt, and after two days of drowning myself in water, which was rewarded by how clear you can see Raygen Bella : ) we got to see the first glimpses of her! We are just so excited for her to come after seeing her and starting to see what she is preferring, her arm in particular. She loves to suck on her arm, not her hand or thumb, her forearm! She is heathy and thats what we care about. I also was so happy to hear she has hair!!!! I was also so happy she had the hiccups and Johnny got to see her and hear her hiccups. She has Johnny's nose, and my chubby baby cheeks. The Lady kept saying she is just has the cutest chubby cheeks already : ). We are so happy and excited for her to get here! The picture below is she wanted to get her foot to her head, and we assume in her mouth (as her mouth opened as it came up), but it just got to her forhead. She is just too cute!! Its really funny people have already said what they will call her. Her daddy will call her Bell or Bella, Hayd said she is going to call her Bella also (mostly I think cause Johnny said that, LOL). She is my little Ray Ray or Ray Bell! Its been really cute to see how good Hayden has become about his sister, he comes up now and talks to his sister in my belly, he says "Hi Bella, I love you". He asks when does she get to come out. We are just so happy that he has become so attached to her already, just as we have.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Its Easter Day!!!

We took Hayd to Beatty (the small town Johnny grew up, where his mom lives) for Easter this year. It worked out really good, he had a blast. Here is Hayd making his eggs for the Easter Bunny to hide, (don't mind his face, his dad took him to the fair and he had to keep the Batman paint on to show me and Johnny! LOL and wear his riding jersey! What a BOY!) and my big belly ; ).
The next morning first words were, is it Easter time yet? I said yes and he looked to see if the Easter Bunny left him anything, and he was so excited.
Then he got to do what he has been waiting for, Hunt for EASTER EGGS!!! Of course Stewie wanted to help and tried to steal some eggs, but he stopped. All in all Hayd had a great Easter, and we had a really great Family weekend! His Uncle Seth came up, and Johnny's Grandparents and we had a big Ham dinner.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Hayd's new best friend!!!

2 weeks ago we bought Hayd a new dog! He is a French Bulldog named Stewie. Since we have a new edition coming in less than 13 weeks, we decided he could use something to help out with that is "his". He loves him, it has worked out for the best other than the potty training aspect. He is able to play with him, and it has benefited the other dogs in the fact it is keeping them young and exhausted!!!! The past couple of days we have been to the park, Petapalooza, and Park again, needless to say Hayd was tuckered out by Sunday afternoon. This is the picture of him passed out on the couch and his dog next to him!