Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My November Gratitude

Last year I posted something I was grateful for each day in November. I loved doing it so this year I am doing it again...so here we go!
Day 1:
Having Diversity in my life! Each one of us in our family is so different, which makes for an interesting day.
Me: Clean Freak, total Type A personality. (I think that says enough)
Johnny: Funny, Makes us all laugh at least once a day, Hard Hard worker, Puts up with my Type A
Hayden: Loves to draw, ask questions, very inquisitive about things, even being 6yrs old
Raygen: Loves to learn, read, Type A like mom, Loves to organize, sort, funny personality, just like her daddy.

We are all so different, and it makes it so we are never bored!! Makes me fall in love with them, more each day!!