Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday Look Back!

I have seen so many of my Blogging peers do a "Friday Flashback" and I really love seeing every ones look back on life 5 years and back. So.. I have decided to join. My Fridays are way too crazy to attempt to regularly post on that day so I have choosen Sunday!

This was taken during the week I first held my son. I wish it was the first time I held him, but I will always settle for this picture because of the look I was receiving from my little fighter! As many know, my son spent the first six weeks of his life in NICU.
Due to his surgeries I did not get too hold him until he was over 2 weeks old. That week I felt more peace than I had in a long time. When my baby girl was born, I never took for granted holding her every moment and from the moment she was put in my arms I was probably more thankful than most.

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aliasgg said...

Love that picture! It was a heartbreaking yet heartwarming time, as many most memorable learning experiences are. And you did such a wonderful job of helping him through it.